Joy of Giving.jpg

We believe that giving our time, talent, treasure, and witness is a normal and healthy part of growing in our relationship with Christ.  Stewardship is not as much about fundraising as it is about faith-raising.  We have big dreams of expanding our video and online ministries, continuing to be a visible and active presence in our community, and reaching new people for Christ to grow our church, but we need your help.  So, we want to invite you to prayerfully consider what intentional step of faith you could take in your giving in 2022:


  • Consider the possibility of giving for the first time.

  • Consider the possibility of taking a step toward tithing (giving 10% of your income).  

  • Consider the possibility of making a gift above and beyond your tithe.  

Without your faithful support, the ministries of our church wouldn’t be possible.  We truly believe that more is possible than we can imagine, but the reality is that God accomplishes those possibilities through you!  Please partner with us in experiencing the Joy of Giving!