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The United Methodist General Conference is scheduled for April 23-May 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This is the highest legislative body of our denomination and is the only body that can officially speak for the United Methodist Church.  Here are three ways to keep up with reliable, accurate information and ways to participate:

  • First, the official General Conference website is  Here you can watch the livestream, read updates about legislation, and find specific ways to pray.

  • Second, Kentucky Annual Conference pastor and delegate, Rev. Andrew Singh, has written daily prayers that you can join in praying.  They are available at  

  • Finally, after the completion of the General Conference we will provide a summary report about key decisions made.  We will also work to connect you with updates from the United Methodist News Service and our Kentucky delegation.  

Please pray for the peace and guidance of the Holy Spirit during this process.  

In Christ, 

Rev. Adam Sparks

Senior Pastor

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