Sunday School at St. Matthews

All classes begin at 10:00 AM



Sunday School at St. Matthews United Methodist Church has three primary focus areas: we are growing Christians, seeking to learn God’s Word and ways; we strive to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while enjoying the fellowship of other disciples; and we serve others through our various missions together for the glory of God. All of our Sunday School classes welcome visitors and new members. For more information on any of our Sunday morning classes, contact Ron Crompton at 544-0082.


Adult Sunday School Classes

College Age and 20’s Class ("The Incredibles")

NEW!  And as the name implies, this is a class for young adults who are interested in journeying in the faith with others of their generation. The class is being led by Shawn Crowe, Alvin Cox and Ben Bishop, and meets in room 218.


Cornerstone Class

This class is composed primarily of older adults whose focus is on Christianity as it applies to contemporary life. The members also have regular social functions. The group meets in room 103.


Covenant Class

This group of middle-age adults focuses on a variety of Spiritual and Biblical topics and is led by Allen Priest. Members usually have monthly social gatherings. The class meets in room 102.


Questors Class

The Questors Class is a group of middle age and older adults who share the teaching responsibilities in a lecture/discussion format following the International Adult Bible Studies series.  There are regular social activities with mini mission projects in the local church and in other parts of the world.  The class usually begins with a hymn sing. They meet in room 106.


Seekers Class

This adult class includes members ranging in age from mid-30’s to mid-80’s, some of whom are married, some single, some divorced and some widowed. Some have children, others grandchildren. The class draws its name because they are seeking the kingdom of God, seeking God’s truth and seeking to love God and our neighbors in our daily lives. Study material ranges from Bible study to current events in self-contained, stand alone lessons (with no homework). A strong emphasis is placed on care for each other, both in prayer and in more tangible ways as needed. Room 204.


Youth Sunday School (Mid High and Senior High)

Led by Karen Fenton, this group meets in the Youth Suite, adjacent to the Wesley Cafe.


Sunday School for Children

In all groups, youngsters learn about the BIble through age-appropriate materials.

Pre-Kindergarten youngsters meet in room 206.


Grades K-2 meet in room 116. 


Grades 3-5 (Tweens) meet in room 114. This group deals with everyday questions in fun and positive ways and learns about the Bible in ways that are relevant to them.


Wiggle Worship, 11:00 AM (ages 3 through grade 2) meets in the Children's Center, room 102.  This worship service for kids includes all the elements of adult worship, but uses music, crafts, videos and other fun tools to help youngsters praise the Lord. The first Sunday of each month, the children go to the sanctuary around 11:40 AM to join their parents for Communion.


Tween Ministry Alternates between Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM and Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM.




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